Discover the art of storytelling through the power of voice.

Vanessa Vorbach is a multilingual voice-over artist that captivates, connects, and inspires using words brought to life.

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This is a space where your words matter.

Vanessa is a multilingual artist, fluent in English, German, and French. Her voice-over services are thoughtfully crafted to bring authenticity and approachability to every project, from audiobooks that soothe and inspire the soul to e-learning materials that educate and engage. Each project is approached with a deep understanding of her clients’ vision, so you can feel confident that your message will be delivered with trust and impact.

Find a comfortable, quiet spot to dive in deeper. Listen to key projects and recordings to get a sense of Vanessa’s style and voice.

Client Feedback

Commercial Demo

"Vanessa is not only extremely hardworking but kind and conscientious. Her preparation is extremely thorough lending the work that extra ease in the recording session that matches her keen ability to take direction. It was a great pleasure working with her and I look forward to next time!"
Noel Johansen
Actor & Co-Founder of The On The Mic School

Animation & Dubbing Projects

"Vanessa is the kind of actor who consistently brings thoughtful preparation and authentic emotional connectivity to all of her performances. She is a kind and generous collaborative partner in ensemble productions. She is someone you definitely want on your creative project and will want to work with again and again."
Erin Mathews
Actor & Teacher

Video Game Project

"Vanessa is a great pleasure to work with; she is thoughtful in her approach to character development and direction, and she is always challenging herself and the material to produce a better performance. She is clearly driven in her work as an artist and would be an asset to any project.”
Jason Simpson
Actor & Teacher

Experience the power of voice to tell stories that connect and inspire others.

Vanessa is a passionate voice-over artist with two decades of management experience in luxury retail, wellness, and hospitality. She combines her professional expertise with emotional depth to create compelling content, often reflecting her unique perspective on life and personal experiences.

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