The human voice has the power to connect and transform, creating a space for belonging and reflection.

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Through her extensive voice-over training, Vanessa delivers captivating narrations, engaging e-learning materials, and riveting audiobooks that inspire and uplift. Her talent extends beyond the studio, as she lends her voice to a diverse range of projects including documentaries, online ads, television and radio, animation, video games and much more.

With a commitment to authenticity and an understanding of the client’s vision, Vanessa infuses every project with mindfulness and a sense of purpose.

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Services and Equipment

Vanessa imbues each project with her signature touch of care and attention to detail. She uses only the best equipment like the Sennheiser MKH416 and Audient interface, and records from her custom-treated recording space at home to create an immersive and high-quality audio experience for her clients.

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Client Feedback

Commercial Demo

"Vanessa is not only extremely hardworking but kind and conscientious. Her preparation is extremely thorough lending the work that extra ease in the recording session that matches her keen ability to take direction. It was a great pleasure working with her and I look forward to next time!"
Noel Johansen
Actor & Co-Founder of The On The Mic School

Animation & Dubbing Projects

"Vanessa is the kind of actor who consistently brings thoughtful preparation and authentic emotional connectivity to all of her performances. She is a kind and generous collaborative partner in ensemble productions. She is someone you definitely want on your creative project and will want to work with again and again."
Erin Mathews
Actor & Teacher

Video Game Project

"Vanessa is a great pleasure to work with; she is thoughtful in her approach to character development and direction, and she is always challenging herself and the material to produce a better performance. She is clearly driven in her work as an artist and would be an asset to any project.”
Jason Simpson
Actor & Teacher

The Rise Again Audiobook is Here!

Exciting news! The Rise Again book is now available in all formats. Get your hands on this inspiring read in a beautiful set directly on our website, or grab the ebook and audiobook versions on Amazon and Apple. Whether you love experiencing it with all of your senses, listening on the go, or diving into digital, I have got you covered. The choice is yours. I can’t wait for you to immerse yourself in the Rise Again journey today.