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Whenever I would start with a new endeavor, work on the latest project or choose a different direction, my mentor used to ask me: “What is it for?” And, when I couldn’t answer his question in a definitive, confident way, I knew it wasn’t the right path to take. This simple question forced me to acknowledge the importance of intention. I truly believe that a fulfilled life and work can only be achieved if you’re absolutely certain of your intention – only then do you act within your integrity.

Why am I sharing this with you? Because, for the first time in my life, I have never been more certain that this work is what I meant to be doing. So when my mentor would ask me again, “What is the voice-over work for?”.

I can wholeheartedly reply: It’s to share my true voice with my audience and offer a sense of belonging and connection they deserve.

I want to give a voice to causes that deeply matter to me. That’s why I pledge to dedicate a large portion of my voice-over work to causes, which are close to my heart. It’s an honor and an incredible privilege to alchemize my rich life experience and dark moments into a verbal comfort for others.

Please reach out to me if my voice can be of any support to you and your cause. I set aside a  portion of my time for pro-bono charity inquiries and I look forward to connecting with you!

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It’s time! Embrace Your Journey of Transformation!

I’m bursting with excitement to announce that Rise Again has officially arrived! Crafting this book has been an incredible labor of love. My deepest hope is that Rise Again serves as a beacon of hope and a trusted companion on your journey. Secure your copy of this exclusive release today, and let’s rise together. This is made for you, straight from my heart to yours.