A journey through voice and words.

“To listen to yourself requires inner strength and trust. Trust that the stillness and silence you will meet once you decide to listen again will offer a place of growth and liberation.” — Vanessa

A multilingual voice-over artist, Vanessa is fluent in English, German, and French.

A letter to my body

You were always the one. 

All along. 

You always stood by me. 

You always had my back. 

You always heard me. 

Even when I didn’t smile back, 

you kept smiling at me. 

Even when I ignored you,

you kept showing up anyway. 

Even when I said, “I hate you”,

you said, “I love you even more”. 

You were always the one. 

All along. 

And just when I thought I couldn’t live any moment longer,

you stayed with me,

and gave me the strength to carry on. 

Even when I didn’t believe in myself,

you never stopped believing in me. 

Even when I was boiling with self-hatred and disgust, 

you showered me with love. 

It was you. 

You were always the one. 

All along. 

I’m sorry for treating you the way I did. 

I’m sorry for ignoring you, 

hating you,

criticizing you,

hurting you. 

Will you forgive me?

You were always the one. 

You will always be. 

I love you.


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