A journey through voice and words.

“To listen to yourself requires inner strength and trust. Trust that the stillness and silence you will meet once you decide to listen again will offer a place of growth and liberation.” — Vanessa


Allow the ordinary to be extraordinary

Often times we are so busy chasing the extraordinary,

that we can’t even see the beauty in the ordinary. 

We get distracted by the shiny accolades and so-called high achievements, 

that we miss out on the moments that define us the most. 

Those humble in-between glimpses of pure contentment and fulfillment. 

It’s that moment, when you allow yourself 

to fully take in that sunset with every cell of your being. 

It’s the first bite you take of a home-cooked meal, 

tasting all of the earth’s energy that went into each ingredient to create this gift. 

It’s the embrace of a loved one, offering you a sense of belonging, 

and filling your heart with love. 

It’s the flower peeking through the snow, 

celebrating the beauty of impermanence and the hope for new beginnings. 

It’s when the universe gives you the chance to stumble and fall, 

and you get to rise differently each time. 

It’s that painful heartbreak reminding you

how brave, courageous, and unconditional your heart is. 

It’s when you give yourself permission 

that how you are right now, is enough – and will always be. 

It’s when you stop trying to prove something, 

anything, to others and yourself. 

It’s when you celebrate the ordinary 

for what  it truly is- extraordinary. 


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