A journey through voice and words.

“To listen to yourself requires inner strength and trust. Trust that the stillness and silence you will meet once you decide to listen again will offer a place of growth and liberation.” — Vanessa

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Let life prove you wrong

The older we get and the more life happens, the more we realize how little we know about so many things. 

We used to think a fancy job title and a long list of responsibilities automatically ensured a fulfilled professional life. 

Life proved us wrong.

It’s about being able to express our truest selves and making a difference – no matter how big or small. 

Until now we always searched for love elsewhere and ended up feeling like the loneliest people on the planet.

Life proved us wrong. 

The only person we really need to love and who can unconditionally love us is ourselves. 

We saved, sweated, worked, sacrificed, and compromised until we finally reached our financial goal. We somehow believed at that moment all of our fears of not having enough would disappear.

Once again life proved us wrong. Turns out all the money in the world wouldn’t be able to give us the feeling of having and being enough. 

We desperately chased our so-called ideal weight and appearance. We thought once we hit that unattainable weight and look, everything else would just magically align and be perfect. 

We would gain, and lose more pounds than a balance could ever manage to calculate. Yet we never feel thin or beautiful enough.

Thankfully life proved us wrong.  It’s about how we feel about ourselves inside that changes the way we see ourselves. If we meet ourselves with appreciation,  gentle kindness, and generosity, we realize the immense beauty we had in us all along. 

Let’s hope life continues to prove us wrong. It has so many more lessons to teach us. 

I don’t know about you, but I was never so grateful to be wrong. 


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