Rise Again Book

“Rise Again” is not just a collection of action cards; it’s an empowering journey into self-discovery and healing. In a world filled with obligations and expectations, this book offers a refreshing perspective by encouraging you to trust your intuition and inner voice. The cards serve as a versatile tool, allowing you to connect in a way that resonates with your unique needs. Whether approached like a tarot deck, randomly chosen, or selected based on the most intense emotional response, each card becomes a gateway to explore feelings without judgment or evaluation.

The accompanied guidebook with journal prompts corresponding to each card, provides a structured yet personal path to self-discovery. With a call to pick up the pen and become the editor-in-chief of your own life, you are invited to silence your inner critic and embrace the freedom to express and explore. The cards become more than tools; they transform into companions, guardians, and a wellspring of inspiration. “Rise Again” is an invitation to become fluent in the language of oneself, fostering personal and shared empowerment through introspection and expression.

The captivating set is nestled within a luxurious keepsake box. This collection features a 71-page fully illustrated guidebook, offering insightful guidance on self-exploration. Accompanying this, discover 24 postcard-sized cards, each a unique work of art, providing a visually stunning and thought-provoking experience. Tying the deck together is a dark turquoise silicone band bearing the empowering message, “Rise Again.” Not only does it keep the cards neatly together, but it also doubles as a stylish wristband, a constant reminder of resilience and personal growth. “Rise Again” is more than a collection; it’s a visually striking and empowering toolkit, thoughtfully created to inspire and guide you on your journey toward self-discovery.


(Approx USD$55.00)