The Rise Again Card Deck

Introducing the Rise Again Card Deck, complete with a beautifully crafted vegan leather pouch in our signature Rise Again blue, adorned with the gold logo. This deck isn’t just a set of cards—it’s a companion for those immersed in the Rise Again journey through e-book (link) or audiobook (link) formats, or anyone seeking an additional set for their travels. Keep these cards close, nestled within the stylish pouch, whether in your purse, nightstand, or desk drawer. Cultivating a connection with each card is essential for unlocking the full benefits of your self-growth journey. And, like me, you’ll find the pouch doubles as a chic mini-purse, perfect for stowing keys and phones on the go.


(Approx USD$26)

The Rise Again Audiobook is Here!

Exciting news! The Rise Again book is now available in all formats. Get your hands on this inspiring read in a beautiful set directly on our website, or grab the ebook and audiobook versions on Amazon and Apple. Whether you love experiencing it with all of your senses, listening on the go, or diving into digital, I have got you covered. The choice is yours. I can’t wait for you to immerse yourself in the Rise Again journey today.