The Rise Again Pin

You can thank my dear friend Andie for The Rise Again pin—she inspired its creation. As a fellow passionate hiker, she understands the joy of adorning a backpack with beautiful pins from countless adventures. Whether you’re a nature lover or simply prefer to wear it on your jean jacket, this pin serves as the perfect reminder that you will rise again, no matter the challenges you face. Let it be your companion, inspiring you to persevere, or view it as a badge of honor celebrating your resilience.


(Approx USD$10)

The Rise Again Audiobook is Here!

Exciting news! The Rise Again book is now available in all formats. Get your hands on this inspiring read in a beautiful set directly on our website, or grab the ebook and audiobook versions on Amazon and Apple. Whether you love experiencing it with all of your senses, listening on the go, or diving into digital, I have got you covered. The choice is yours. I can’t wait for you to immerse yourself in the Rise Again journey today.