A journey through voice and words.

“To listen to yourself requires inner strength and trust. Trust that the stillness and silence you will meet once you decide to listen again will offer a place of growth and liberation.” — Vanessa


Spring cleaning

It’s time …

Rip off the countless labels,

which people, society and life have attached on your forehead

throughout your life. 

Burn down the false core beliefs

you collected all these years. 

Shake off the doubts, insecurities

and not good-enough’s. 

Throw out all the regrets,

which you stored for decades. 

Drop the story

you told yourself for too long. 

Clean out all the gunk,

which has been stuck in the deepest corners

of your body and heart. 

Free yourself of the countless filters and walls, 

you used to block yourself from life. 

It’s time to spring clean your life. 


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