A journey through voice and words.

“To listen to yourself requires inner strength and trust. Trust that the stillness and silence you will meet once you decide to listen again will offer a place of growth and liberation.” — Vanessa

A multilingual voice-over artist, Vanessa is fluent in English, German, and French.

When they say …

When they say to tone it down,

get bigger. 

When they say to be quiet, 

get louder. 

When they try to dull your sparkle,

shine as bright as you can. 

When they ask to follow their rules of “appropriateness”,

get weirder. 

When they ask if you’re ok,

don’t say you’re fine

when you aren’t. 

Don’t give away your power. 

stand in your integrity. 

Yes, it can get lonely and uncomfortable. 

Yet, the more often you stand up for yourself,

and stay in your own truth,

the stronger your voice becomes. 


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